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    They say the road less travelled often leads to the most incredible discoveries; all one needs is the courage to take that first step.

    herworldPLUS ventures on a journey with local style star, Jade Seah to the scenic sites in The Grampians. Come with us on this voyage of discovery as we seek to unveil the great natural sites in the Western Victoria from mountains to waterfalls and more places you shouldn’t miss.

    Follow Jade on her day-to-day travelogue as she takes us through the sights and sounds of Grampians as she experiences them, and also share her thoughts and travel tips as she goes about her journey.

    Wish to embark on your own bold journey too? Here’s your chance because we’re giving you a chance to win a trip for two to The Grampians!

    Jade Seah is a Singapore-based media personality with years of experience on both television as well as radio. Stick around as we share her Bold Journey, follow her on her instagram here.

    All images are photographed by Vee Chin.

    All videos are taken by Sophia Dao.

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